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Graduate Courses

Michaelmas Term 2023 — Lecturer in Introductory StatisticsDPIR (with Rachel Bernhard).

Syllabus. Slides (week 6, week 7, week 8).  

Hilary Term 2023 and 2024 — Lecturer in Politics and Government of the UK, DPIR (with Nick Dickinson).

Syllabus (2023). Syllabus (2024). 

Hilary Term 2022 — Instructor for Intro to R, Oxford Spring School in Advanced Research Methods.

Links to handout, data and R script.

Michaelmas Term 2021 — Teaching Assistant in Introductory Statistics, DPIR.

Lab Material.

Undergraduate Courses

Hilary Term 2023 and 2024 — Lecturer in Comparative Government, DPIR.

Slides (2023). 

Hilary Term 2022 — Teaching Assistant in Introductory Quantitative Methods (Q-Step).

Lab 1, Lab 2Lab 3Lab 4.

Hilary Term 2022 — Tutor in Introduction to the Practice of Politics (‘Prelims’), Lincoln College. 

Hilary Term 2022  — Tutor in Political Sociology, St. Hugh's College.

Michaelmas Term 2021  — Tutor in Political Sociology, St. Hugh's College, Queen's College.

Trinity Term 2021 — Tutor in Comparative Government (revision sessions) for various colleges.

Miscellaneous Slides

Context, Cohorts and Congruence

Electoral Systems and Geographic Representation

Electoral Systems (revision session)

Authoritarian Politics (revision session)

Party-Voter Linkages in Post-Communist Countries

Interdisciplinarity in EU Studies

The Origins of the European Currency Union

Leninist Legacies in Post-Communist Politics

Electoral Volatility in European Politics

Sample student feedback is available here


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