Work in Progress

  • Electoral Systems and Geographic Representation: Measuring and Explaining Spatial Inequalities in the Descriptive Representation of Places in Parliaments. [with Andrew Eggers], currently under review. December 2021 version.

  • When Do German State Legislators Run for the Federal Parliament? The Electoral Linkage and Career Trajectories in a Mixed-Member, Multi-Level System. June 2022 version

  • The Effects of Higher Education Expansion on Political Cleavages: A Cohort-Level Analysis.

  • Do Campaign Rallies Matter? Evidence from the Five Star Movement’s “Tsunami Tour” in the 2013 Italian Parliamentary Election. April 2019 version.

  • Book review for Ford, R., Bale, T.,  Jennings, W. and Surridge, P. (2020) The British General Election of 2019; Springer Nature. (Commissioned by The Political Quarterly).

  • The Status of Status : A Review of Contributions to the Literature on Social Status in Political Science.