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Work in Progress

  • Who Runs for Higher Office? Electoral Institutions and Level-Hopping Attempts in Germany’s State Legislatures. Revise & Resubmit at Legislative Studies QuarterlyNovember 2022 version.

  • Predicting Candidate Preference Shares in Preferential-List PR Systems: A Logical Model of Intra-Party Competition

  • The Effects of Higher Education Expansion on Political Cleavages: A Cohort-Level Analysis.

  • Institutional Sources of Democratic Backsliding in Parliamentary Systems: The Role of Electoral Systems

  • The Status of Status : A Review of Contributions to the Literature on Social Status in Political Science.


  • Essays on Electoral Institutions, DPhil thesis, Michaelmas Term 2022.

  • Do Campaign Rallies Matter? Evidence from the Five Star Movement’s ‘Tsunami Tour’ in the 2013 Italian Parliamentary Election. MPhil thesis, Trinity Term 2019. 

  • Who are the ‘Left Behind’? The Status Stratification of UKIP Support. Undergraduate Dissertation, April 2017. 

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