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Journal Articles

​Carella, L. (2023) ‘Who Runs for Higher Office? Electoral Institutions and Level-Hopping Attempts in Germany’s State Legislatures’, Legislative Studies Quarterly. Replication Files

Carella, L. and Eggers, A. C. (2023) ‘Electoral Systems and Geographic Representation’, British Journal of Political Science. Replication Files.

Carella, L. and Ford, R. (2020) ‘The Status Stratification of Radical Right Support: Reconsidering the Occupational Profile of UKIP’s Electorate’, Electoral Studies.

Other Publications

Carella, L. (2022) ‘The British Elections of 2019: Not quite what you read in the press’, Political Quarterly. [book review]

Raikes, L., Cox, E. and Carella, L. (2016) ‘State of the North 2016 : Building Northern Resilience in an Era of Global Uncertainty’, IPPR North. [policy report]

Working Papers

Predicting Candidate Preference Shares in Preferential-List PR Systems: A Logical Model of Intra-Party Competition. March 2023 version.


From Context to Congruence : Immigration Salience and Voter Socialisation (with Francesco Raffaelli).  April 2024 version

Work in Progress

Intra-Party Sources of Electoral Reform in the ‘PR wave’ (with Klaudia Wegschaider). Research Agenda.

Baby Boomers at the Ballot Box : Cohort Size and Representation across Electoral Systems.

Gendered Effects of PR Rules: Evidence from Italian Municipal Election Reforms (1956-1970)


Per Una Repubblica Semi-Parlamentare [essay]

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