Department of Politics and International Relations
Mansfield College, University of Oxford

I am a DPhil (PhD) student in political science; my research focus is on comparative democratic institutions and political sociology.

In my doctoral project, I am investigating how electoral institutions such as preferential voting or constituency structure affect the quality of representation. The project is articulated in three papers, each examining a different dimension of democratic representation associated with cross-national and sub-national variation in electoral rules.

Alongside the study of electoral systems, my broader research interests include electoral behaviour, public opinion, legislators' careers, the politics of education and educational expansion, the politics of social status, and political geography. 

The research I have conducted so far has been mostly quantitative, drawing on measurement techniques such as multidimensional scaling and latent trait analysis. 

I graduated with first class honours from the University of Oxford (MPhil in European Politics) and the University of Manchester (Bachelor's Degree in Politics and International Relations).

In my free time, I enjoy baking, Sudoku, chess, cycling, and spending far too much time on Twitter.  

You can find here a copy of my CV. Get in touch with me by email at leonardo.carella@politics.ox.ac.uk or on Twitter at @leonardocarella.