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Yes, It could Happen Here too

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

I have written an article for Le Grand Continent, re-published in translation for El Confidencial, which makes a somber but simple point. That is, the social forces behind last week's insurrection in Washington - surging far-right violence, its political legitimation, a radicalising media environment, and declining trust in the democratic process - are also trends that are investing Western European countries. You can read the article here in French, or here in Spanish.

The piece concludes:

We cannot be complacent. We cannot rest easy in the belief that our history has inoculated us against the kind of violent assault on democracy we have seen in Trump’s America. There’s no vaccine for fascism. We should look at the events in Washington more as a glimpse into a possible future than as the vision of our past.

Image credits: Reuters

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