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An Awful Start for UK-EU Relations Post-Brexit; My Piece for Aspenia Online

Updated: May 20, 2021

I have written for Aspenia Online on the politics of resentment that is gripping Brussels and London, as the European Union and the United Kingdom adapt to meaner and leaner post-Brexit relations. The full piece, which includes commentary by all-knowing Brexit guru Professor Anand Menon, is available here.

I touch on the major crises of the past few months - vaccine procurement, Northern Ireland customs border, the diplomatic status of the EU ambassador to the UK - as well as the brewing rows over the 'level playing field' and regulation of financial services.

TL;DR, things are bad:

The UK and the EU are so invested in mutually incompatible projects – assertion of national sovereignty and supranational integration – that they keep measuring their own success against the other’s failure.

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